Fees Structure for 2012-13: Nursery, LKG Rs.3600/per Quarter UKG to VII Rs.3800/- per quarter VIII to X Rs.4200/- per quarter Annual Charges Rs.3500/per annum.

The School

We strive to constantly challenge ourselves to create a culture of transformation so that our children are motivated to move beyond themselves to express creativity, pursue innovation and discovery and become morally and socially responsible human beings committed to creating a better society. Our vision of teaching encompasses all that a child needs to know, imbibe and articulate on his journey from childhood to adulthood. We aim to provide effective teaching and learning situations, which help students to develop critical thinking, problem solving, oral and written communication skills and ethical behaviour. We would like to equip our students with a set of life skills which will help them to become what they are meant to be - sensitive, caring, intelligent persons who are a credit to all who have had a hand in their upbringing.


In the later half of the 19th century, India lay in a socio-political ferment. This led Maharishi Dayanand , one of the greatest thinkers of the time ,to form the Arya Samaj for the intellectual, emotional and spiritual revival of the Indian Society. With a call , "back to the Vedas", he propounded the guiding principles of the Arya Samaj , in which the foremost was the spread of education. He believed, and rightly so, that this would lead to an awakening throughout the length and breadth of the country.

The samaj aimed at purging Hinduism of its defunct and regressive practices that impeded the minds of its followers. Animal sacrifice and denouncement of Idol-worship were the major outcomes of this movement. The ideals of the movement, with its rational appeal, soon had entire country following it.

After his demise a group of enlightened, dedicated and devoted followers, committed to the task of nation building couldn't think of a better way to immortalize the great reformer than realizing his dream of building an erudite nation on Vedic foundation. They translated his dream in to a reality with the founding of Dayanand Anglo Vedic College Trust and Management Society. The DAV Society, launched with missionary zeal to reclaim the lost brilliance and glory of Vedic values, founded its first institution at Lahore in 1886 with Mahatma Hansraj as its founder principal. This was the beginning of a Nationalist Movement which blossomed in to a unique Institution with a country wide presence emphasizing the harmonious confluence of Indian values and culture and modern technology. Today there are more than 700 D.A.V. schools spread across the country.


It is one of the 40 schools under the Regional Directorate of D.A.V. Institutions, South Zone, Hyderabad. This is a premier institution and a role model for the DAV schools in the South Zone.

The first DAV School was established at Begumpet in June 1983.A small sapling of a school that was planted then has today grown in to a veritable colossus-a mammoth testimony to the faith, dedication, sweat, tears and toil of a great number of people.

Today, the DAV chain of schools in the South includes schools spread over the three states of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Several of these schools are located in remote areas of the country providing quality education to tribals and under-privileged sections of society.

DAV Institutions, South Zone are headed by the Regional Director and Principal of D.A.V. Public school, Safilguda, Smt. Seethe Kiran who is the recipient of the prestigious CBSE National Award for the Best Teacher for the year 2002.Besides she has also won the most prestigious and coveted award for teachers- The National Award for teachers for the year 2008. Her deep sense of commitment is imbued on her teachers that are exhibited by the cent percent result the school has been obtaining in the Board examinations year after year. The schools continue to provide yeoman service to the cause of true education under her guidance and many of its students have built successful lives and careers both at home and abroad.

The institution has stood steadfast in maintaining high standards in academic as well as co-curricular activities. Stress is given on systematic and quality assessment of every student through slip tests, unit tests, quarterly, half-yearly and annual examinations, thus avoiding arbitrary assessment.

In order to facilitate the regular progress of the child, open house sessions are conducted after each test/examination and on all working Saturdays.

To inculcate the spirit of healthy competition and to induce leadership qualities, the students are divided into four houses, Dayanand, Hansraj, Shraddhanand and Virjanad. House-wise competitions in literary, cultural and sports activities are held to provide children with the opportunity to showcase their talents. Each House works under the supervision and guidance of a senior teacher as House Master who is assisted by Associate teachers and a House Captain. Students are also given innumerable opportunities to participate in various inter school competitions.

They are given balanced training in arts and craft, music, classical dance, aerobics and Karate, computers, etc. Planned field trips, excursions and exposure to exhibitions/workshops are arranged as an extension of teaching-learning programmes to give them firsthand experience.
DAV School, in keeping with the spiritual ambience of the school ideology, conducts Havan regularly in which children participate with the great devotion.


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Latest News
DAV student wins INSPIRE scholarship: Mas. Koushik. G, of DAV Public school, Safilguda won Scholarship for Higher Education (SHE) under INSPIRE scheme for his exemplary performance in CBSE class XII examination 2011
Scoring 97% in CBSE All India Senior Secondary Examination, he stood within top 1% of the total number of examinees.
Executed by CBSE, the scholarship is devised to provide monetary incentive to meritorious students to pursue higher education in Science up to Post Graduation level. This puts Koushik in the top echelons of achievers at the National Level.
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